For the moment I don't have to tell much. I just started "to be on the net". I decided to put me on the net to have a place and some experience for the moment there is a reason to be (t)here. While there are more pages in Dutch then just one, I have only one English version where you can find a summery of the different pages. For now I don't expect this to change quickly.

Personal Dutch personal version

My name (as you probably expected) is Stijn Helsen, live in Alken, between Hasselt and Sint-Truiden in Belgium. I work at ZFST in Sint-Truiden where we produce CVT's (continuously variable transmissions, i.e. automatic transmissions for cars).
My main hobby, next to my family which is one wife and three children, is computer. My favorite computer is the macintosh.
Except doing usual "PC-stuff" : text-processing, some "spreadsheet-ing", e-mailen/web surfing, I also make my own programs. My main language is C/C++. Things where a lot of calculations and mathematical visualisations are needed Matlab is also used.
Now and then I also do some graphical work. This is especially concerning cards such as marriage invitations, birth announcing (see for example Heleen, Sara and Bart). Except the ones of our own children I made or helped creating some others too.

That's it. For the rest, please learn some dutch.


Dutch version

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